AP sources: Gov't to set stricter smog standard

FILE - in this July 8, 2014, file photo, Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington. Inhofe, who will take over the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee in January, said in a statement late Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2104, that a stricter standard to be announced Wednesday by the Obama administration on smog-forming pollution allowed in the air "will lower our nation's economic competitiveness and stifle job creation for decades." He vowed "vigorous oversight" of the proposal in his new position. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)WASHINGTON (AP) — The stricter smog standard proposed by the Obama administration joins a string of historic — and controversial — moves by the administration to improve air quality.

Inventor's laser-firing watch
Patrick Priebe's laser watch is capable of burning through plastic and popping balloons. The inventor made the James Bond-type device on a lark.

Two new arms leaves man thankful
Will Lautzenheiser has a lot to be thankful for after the gift of two new arms from an anonymous donor.

'It's a travesty; it's not right': Ferguson protests spread
The sparks of outrage that started in the U.S. city of Ferguson ignite a firestorm of protests across the country over racial injustice.

ISIS, Russia dogs U.S. defense chief
Chuck Hagel was doomed even before he walked into the Pentagon.

'America, we have a problem'
LZ Granderson recalls a cop pointing a gun at him aged 12.

World's most beautiful metro stations
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John McCain 'Strongly Encouraging' Lindsey Graham To Consider 2016 Run

John McCain 'Strongly Encouraging' Lindsey Graham To Consider 2016 RunSen. John McCain is prodding one of his closest allies in the Senate to consider a run for the White House – Sen. Lindsey Graham.“I think he is looking at it, and I am strongly encouraging him to take a look at it,” McCain, R-Ariz., told ABC News. “I know of no one who is better versed and more important on national security policy and defense than Lindsey Graham, and I don’t think these challenges to our security are going away.”“He is eminently qualified,” McCain added. ...














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