Judge puts the brakes on Uber ride-sharing in Nevada

Uber’s bad PR coming back to haunt them?Ride-sharing company Uber, already tangled in business and legal troubles, has been forced to stop operating in Nevada.

Ferguson protest spreads to London
Shouts of "Hands up, don't shoot!" and "No justice, no peace. Stop the racist police," fill the chilly November air as the crowd jostles for position in a fenced-off pen on the sidewalk.

Namibia's ruling party seen winning Africa's first electronic vote
WINDHOEK (Reuters) - Namibians voted on Friday in Africa's first electronic election that is expected see the SWAPO party to extend its 24-year rule as people in the mineral-rich country seek stability in the face of a global commodities downturn.

Police: Blasts at Mosque in Nigeria Kill 35 People
Police say bomb blasts at mosque in northern Nigerian city kill 35 people, injure 150

Abu Dhabi crown prince in Qatar to seal reconciliation before summit
DUBAI (Reuters) - Abu Dhabi's crown prince paid a brief visit to Qatar on Friday, official media said, to cement reconciliation between the two Gulf Arab states before a regional summit they are to hold in Doha next month.

For many in Northeast, a very dark Thanksgiving
While more than two-thirds of the 50 states have snow, thousands in New England had to rethink their Turkey Day plans entirely

Shia LaBeouf's silent interview
Leave it to the actor to give one of the strangest interviews of all time.

Photos: George and Amal Jet Setting on Thanksgiving
Lawyer Amal Clooney has high fashion taste.














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