Marrying for mom: Being gay in China
In this narrow Beijing hutong, the rainbow flag flies free.

'America, we have a problem'
LZ Granderson recalls a cop pointing a gun at him aged 12.

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Charges in sex case raised by Pope

Why blacks want Black Friday boycott
Soledad O'Brien and Rose Arce say with #BlackoutBlackFriday, a group of blacks in the arts are urging African Americans to use their economic clout to protest police brutality in Ferguson and beyond

New US shooting in spotlight as Ferguson calms

A protester waves a flag during a demonstration outside the police station in Ferguson, Missouri, on November 26, 2014Video of US police officers shooting dead a 12-year-old black boy with a replica gun seconds after confronting him has stoked anger in the country as protests in Ferguson dwindled following two days of unrest. Surveillance video released Wednesday showed that the boy, Tamir Rice, was shot last weekend only seconds after two officers arrived in a patrol car at a Cleveland, Ohio park. The video emerged as tensions eased in Ferguson, after two days of often violent unrest sparked by Monday's decision by a grand jury not to charge a white policeman who shot dead an unarmed black teenager. Just a few dozen protesters and clergy braved rain and light snow to protest outside the police department in the St Louis suburb, where 18-year-old Michael Brown was killed on August 9.

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1st live-donor liver transplant recipient in the US marks 25 years since operation

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Dying with dignity is more than just for the person who is dying. It's for their loved ones.